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I love to share.

Learning from the experience of others is my favorite way to learn.  This is why I like to read autobiographies, watch documentaries, and share my own story.  Whether you need an inspirational talk, an interactive lecture on leadership, someone to moderate a panel, or an emcee for an event, I'd love to help!  See below for a list of my past speaking engagements along with a link to a talk I delivered on Rethinking the Rules.

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Past Speaking Engagements

2024 Boomi World - Product Keynote Presenter

2024 Girl Geek X ELEVATE Conference & Career Fair 
Women Leading the Way in Research & Development to Empower Innovation - Moderator & Panelist

2024 Boomi Sales Kickoff - Opening Breakfast presented by Black Networking Alliance - Keynote Interviewer

2022 Womxn at Boomi ERG Event - The Art of Saying No - Keynote Speaker

2022 CXOsync - SCALE: Automation to Automagic - Sponsor Speaker

2022 Boomi Sales Kickoff - Global Technology Operations Forum - Presenter

2020 The Lora M. Robins Speaker Series - EQUITY: From Concept to Action - Q&A Moderator

2019 Influencer's Weekend - Event Speaker - "Rethinking the Rules" (see video below)

2019 HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Conference -
 "Lessons from the Fight for Equality" - Panel Moderator

2018 & 2019 Ed Allen's Country Bash - Emcee

2017 Rebelle Con Conference  - Community Panel Moderator

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